Summary of COVID-19 Modifications

What follows is our most up to date summary of operational COVID-19 Restrictions.  These appear to be ever changing based upon guidance from the State.  Please review often.  For a more detailed dialogue as to our approach, please visit our full COVID update page.   For the most current state directives for sports, you can see here: . 

**As of May 29, the Massachusetts Mask Mandate will be rescinded.  We will update this page as guidance becomes available, however we anticipate allowing all patrons to be mask free to the extent allowed by any new guidance for businesses (if any)** We will continue to require our staff to be vaccinated, as well as take proactive measures to keep the air clean as well as clean with electrostatic sprayers nightly. 

Overall Facility:

  • We ask everyone to check in with the front desk or lifeguard, take their temperature, and represent that you don’t have any risk factors for COVID infection (not traveled recently, no symptoms, not in quarantine, not exposed)
  • Everyone should wear a mask at all times (see specific areas for guidance)
  • Remain 6 feet away from other non-family members
  • Overall, if you are not vaccinated and have been in defined close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, you should not visit the Club for 14 days or until symptom free 10 days or more after a positive test for yourself.
  • We will notify patrons who were in close contact (as defined by current CDC and State guidance) with a member or employee who notifies us that they are positive or presumptively positive for COVID, within a time period that is 2 days prior to diagnosis.  We remind all staff members to maintain 6 feet of space or more between themselves and patrons in order to avoid possibility of infection, in addition to wearing masks.
  • PLEASE do not argue, complain or hassle any Employee of WTSC for reminding or enforcing our procedures.  This is not a political statement, this is not an acceptance or belief one way or the other of any rules, guidance or mandates.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and may respectfully disagree with any policy- but arguing with a staff member will yield no satisfaction on any of these issues. We are at the whim of the arbitrary and capricious nature of the rule changes, and our job is to stay open in as safe a manner as practical.  In addition to complying with mandates, we are investing substantial funds in providing air quality machines and monitors throughout the Club.

Fitness Center

  • Masks must be worn at all times other people are present (unless alone in the center, or, in a room such as the studio or training studio on the second floor)
  • Remain 6 feet apart at all times
  • Clean all equipment after use

Pool: (Outdoor)

  • Masks must be worn in the locker rooms and buildings, but not outside. 


  • Wear masks while playing (except see next bullet), switch sides using opposite sides of the net
  • No masks required for singles, private or some semi-private lessons, ball machine, or playing with your own family on the same court.
  • Please wear a mask anytime you are walking off the court, or if you are within 14 feet of non-family members.

Kids Club

  • See our COVID Protocol.




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