Program Sign-up

Program Registration now takes place online through the CSI portal. Members and previously registered participants may log in below.

Login Here

If you have forgotten your account login, you can simply click on the “Forgot Password” link on the CSI login page to receive a new login. If it asks for information that you do not have, such as an account number, simply call or email the Club and we can reset it for you instantly.

Program Registration Highlights:

  • Member Registration Dates: Registration takes place roughly 5 times per year. Four times in the indoor season (August, October, December, February) and one time for Summer (May). Please see our Program Brochure for registration dates.
  • Non-Members: If you are not a member, you can sign-up online too once you have completed a Participant Application (PDF, printable) or fill out our Online Participant Application Form. You can complete this form at any time and mail, email ([email protected]) or drop it at the front desk. Once you complete this form, you will be emailed online credentials and you will be able to sign-up for programs online (or by calling) once non-member participant registration opens (typically two weeks after member registration).
  • Registration Mid-Session: Although you can no longer sign-up online once a session begins, for many programs you may join mid-session (or after the first week). Simply call the front desk and they will help you sign up or contact the appropriate instructor to determine whether adding to a class is possible. Generally adding to a class with openings after the first week is not an issue, but once a session is well underway, some classes become closed (especially swim lessons) due to the continuity of progressing from one skill to the next during a session.
  • Wait List: If there is no opening in the program of your choice, make sure you add yourself to the waitlist. We generally are able to accommodate all member requests. If you add yourself to the waitlist, feel free to contact the department manager to check on the spot. As we create new classes, we will add waitlist people to the class list- you will receive an email update when/if this occurs.
  • Important Notes:
    • Please make sure that you only register for programs that are included in your membership type during member registration. If you are a tennis or fitness member, you can only sign up for swimming classes during non-member registration and you will be charged as a non-member, because your membership does not include a swim membership. If you would like to upgrade your membership at any time, please contact our Membership Department.
    • Please make sure you are signing up for the appropriate level. Consult a staff member if you have any questions about where you or your child should enroll.