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COVID Updates

We have worked tirelessly to keep up with the ever changing protocols during the course of the Covid pandemic. As we ease into a post-pandemic society, we will continue with the following protocols:

  • We respect everyone's right to mask and make a choice that is important to them, given their risk tolerance and personal situation. We continue to suggest that members with risk factors wear masks when unable to socially distance, however, there is no such requirement. Our policy mirrors CDC policy and Mass DPH policy.
  • If you are sick, or experiencing symptoms of any illness, please wait until you are symptom free and feeling well before you come to the Club.
  • We continue to greatly encourage our staff to be vaccinated.
  • We take proactive measures to keep the air clean using ThinkLight Air and AirPHX technologies, as well as clean equipment with electrostatic sprayers.

ThinkLite Air
ThinkLite Air

ThinkLite Air is cutting edge technology that provides a comprehensive system of protection for both air and surfaces, to provide the safest possible environment for our members. ThinkLite Air has multiple elements, and you will notice we have installed a variety of them in different locations throughout the facility, as well as air monitoring elements that constantly sample the air and update us in real time as to the indoor air quality.


In addition to daily surface cleaning, and Ultraviolet Lights in the ductwork, we have installed the AirPHX system to constantly clean and disinfect the air and surfaces. AirPHX has been tested and found effective in neutralizing Coronavirus nearly identical in structure to Covid-19, with the theory being that it is also effective in destroying Covid-19 (keep in mind that testing of the specific Coronavirus Covid-19 is extremely limited due to government restrictions in releasing the virus to laboratories).