This will be updated as new guidance becomes available.  Please note date of updates. 

Current Status: No masks required 

Updated Fall, 2022: Guidance below is still current guidance.  If you are sick, please be well before you come to the Club! 

Updated May 17, 2022

Westborough Board of Health has issued an advisory that due to the rising spread of Covid, people should wear masks while indoors especially when unable to socially distance.  The Club encourages all members to use masks if they so choose.  We do not require masks, nor check vaccination cards, and will not do so, unless required by some administrative ruling of the local, state or federal government.  

If you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid, please stay home, even if you test negative.  If you are a close contact of someone with Covid, please review current guidance as to whether you should test, isolate, or do nothing.   Because of the ever changing guidance, please follow whatever the most current directives are.  Thanks. 


Updated 2/9/22

Per the Westborough Board of Health, the mask mandate has been dropped effective immediately.  We respect everyone’s right to mask and make a choice that is important to them, given their risk tolerance and personal situation.  We continue to suggest that members with risk factors wear masks when unable to socially distance, however, there is no such requirement.  We would remind patrons of the Club that N95 masks offer the best protection for an individual, and would encourage those people with elevated risk factors or who have people at home with risk factors to use properly fitted N95 masks to provide nearly complete protection for themselves.  Employees who are unable to socially distance will continue to wear masks for the next couple of weeks, and may continue to wear them as long as each one desires.  

Please remember that we have taken and continue to take the following precautions at the Club.  All employees are required to be vaccinated; the Club air is treated by ThinkLite Rings of Defense as well as direct fire furnaces to increase air flow; surfaces are sanitized daily with electrostatic sprayers; employees are not allowed to come to work while sick and the Club has secured hundreds of Covid test kits that we provide to our employees as needed; and to date we have not had a reportable event of transmission on site.  

Ultimately, we are all highly educated in Covid-19.  Many are done with it, while some are still greatly impacted by it either through a personal experience, a risk factor, or by a continued apprehension of being exposed to Covid.  My belief is that if we all just used a bit of common sense and basic manners, we would all be better off.  For instance, if you are sick, don’t come to the Club. It is just plain common sense.  If you have tested positive, stay away for at least 5 days.  If you have a risk factor or are concerned about transmission, protect yourself with a properly fitted N95 mask and perhaps avoid our classes in smaller rooms.  We will continue to be vigilant in our approach and methods, and we thank you for your patience as we work through this as a community. 


Update 2/2/22

Per the Westboro Board of Health, the mask mandate shall continue for an unknown duration. They have committed to meeting weekly to address the mandate in shorter chunks of time, which is great.  Once the mandate is repealed, we will post here.  Instead of posting each time they extend the mandate, we will just wait until there is a substantive change to post more.  We continue to ask for your patience, and understand that we don’t make the rules but we are  tasked with enforcing them.  We continue to hope the Board will be data driven and at some point soon allow people to make their own choices in regard to masking.  

Update 1/4/22

Per the Westboro Board of Health (see here), starting 1/5, masks must be worn indoors until at least February 1, with some limited exceptions.  Our mask policy is below.  We do not anticipate any change in services, hours or programs as a result.  

Mask Update:

  1. Masks must be worn in all common areas such as lobbies, locker rooms, and Kid’s Club, at all times, for everyone over 2 years old.
  2. Tennis Courts:  Masks use is encouraged, and required in the absence of vaccination.   However, for tennis matches and adult clinics, masks are not required.  For junior clinics, masks are required with some exceptions for tournament training programs with low player per court ratios. 
  3. Pool:  Masks are required on deck, but are not in the water.
  4. Fitness:  Masks are required to be worn by all, but, may be lowered in situations where you are greater than 6 feet away from another non-family member.  Please be courteous and choose equipment that is distant from other members when possible, and do not lower your mask if you are within 6 feet of other members.  For clarity, masks must be worn while playing basketball or participating in group classes on the basketball court.
  5. Group Exercise:  Due to the smaller size of the Group Exercise Studios, members must wear masks during group exercise classes. 
  6. Kid’s Club:  Masks must be worn at all times for children 2 and over years of age.


Update 12/21/21

  • We are aware that Gov. Baker is recommending that people mask in all public spaces, but is not requiring it.  At this time, we are going to follow the same tact- we recommend that all members wear masks while on premises.  If you are not vaccinated, you must wear a mask when indoors at the Club.  If you are vaccinated, we recommend but do not require you to wear a mask.  


Update 12/9/21

  • Because of the availability of Covid Vaccine for children aged 5 and over, we are going to be changing our policy to come in line with different levels of state guidance, effective December 13. 
    • Children under 5 are still not required to wear a mask
    • Everyone aged 5 and over who is not fully vaccinated based on current vaccination guidelines must wear a mask while indoors.   We are not asking for proof of vaccination yet.
    • Everyone is welcome and invited to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status, unless you are in the pool.  
  • Anyone with symptoms of illness is asked to remain at home until symptoms resolve, and, if the symptoms are those common to Covid-19, we ask you to received a negative test before coming to the Club. 
  • The Town of Westborough advises all residents, whether vaccinated or not, to wear a mask while indoors in a public setting.  We are carefully monitoring the Town guidance.  
  • We continue to require all employees to vaccinate as well as obtain a booster.  


Update 9/23/21

  • Our guidance from May 20 below is still current.  
  • As a reminder, children aged 6-11 who are unable to be vaccinated yet are required to wear masks per DPH guidelines; however, we do not require children to wear masks while playing singles tennis (for example ladder matches) while alone on their side of the Court.  Masks should be worn when entering and leaving the court.  


Updated 5/20/21

  • It looks like the DPH has spoken, see their guidance for post-May 29: DPH Mask Advisory.  Basically the Mass DPH has punted to the CDC and references the CDC information which can be found here.  Keep in mind none of this is a mandate any longer, it is guidance.  Some business may choose to be more restrictive, and others less restrictive.  
  • Numerous other sources including the EOEEA, DESE and EEC have given guidance for children that includes the following:  outdoor activities do not require masks nor social distancing, items can be shared, groups can mingle. Furthermore, children 5 and under are exempt from all mask guidance according to the DPH.  
  • As of May 29 ALL youth and amateur sports guidance from the EOEEA will be lifted.  
  • Summer Camp guidance can be found here.   If you want to read the document, there are very few requirements at all.  It has many recommendations, which we will consider and follow when feasible. 
  • As a result, absent further information, as of May 29, we will issue the following advice: 
    • Indoors: vaccinated individuals (adults and children 5 and under, and vaccinated children) no longer need to wear masks (we will not be checking for cards unless mandated by the state)
    • Outdoors:  masks are not required at all at the pool or tennis courts. 
    • Camp:  We will likely mirror CDC and DPH guidance, requiring masks while inside for all non-vaccinated campers unless they are engaged in a socially distant, low risk activity such as eating lunch or playing tennis.  
    • Overall:  We encourage all members to get vaccinated, and welcome members wearing masks for as long as they want.  Please avoid the Club if you have a fever or other Covid symptoms, until you receive a negative test result. 
  • We realize that for some people mask mandates and mask wearing has become a polarizing concept.  We are trying to once again do our best to intelligently move forward with our business while at the same time safely and transparently follow the rules and guidance.  We realize we cannot please everyone.  As an example, we have had people call and say, “I am not sending my child to camp if they have to wear masks,” and the next caller says, “I am not sending my child to camp if they are not all required to wear masks.”  We would remind everyone that any person is allowed to wear a mask unless in the pool.  Also, we will continue to disinfect regularly using electrostatic technology, as well as using novel Thinklite Air products to clean the air.  Thanks!



Updated 5/18/21

And there we have it!  It appears the mask mandate will end on May 29.   Please give it a few days and see if additional guidance comes out.  We are not only dependent on the mask mandate, but we have industry specific guidance for the pool from the Department of Public Health, for the gym/health club from Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and from the DPH also for our Camps (which guidance is slated to be released on May 29).  All that said, we will follow the least restrictive guidance from the Agencies at this point.  Meaning, if there are no rules requiring masks, we will be mask free.  More than likely the DPH will suggest all non-vaccinated people continue to wear masks, which we would encourage.  But we will not be checking for vaccination cards (unless the state requires it!).  We will continue to clean the air and surfaces using our new devices, but, we intend on trying to resume normal operations.  We know all members will not immediately feel comfortable, and we anticipate a slow ramp up in membership, so we will slowly resume our fitness schedules, continue to re-hire staff, and add more programs.  Please stay tuned!  We are all excited to get back to normal!  This has been quite a roller coaster ride since retaking the Club on October 1- thanks to everyone, employees and members, for the support.  Justin


Updated 5/14/21

Although we welcome the CDC guidance for removing mask requirements for vaccinated individuals, this has caused some confusion here.  We still must abide by our more restrictive state guidance.  What will happen is that Governor Baker will eventually issue some form of update for vaccinated individuals- and then as usual, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs will issue guidance sometime later (as they customarily appear to be caught flat footed on these things) which gives new guidance for sports/gyms/pools, etc.  We would encourage all members to give your opinion of the mask rules to the EOEEA here: Guidance Feedback 


Updated 5/11/21

As contemplated below, the EEA finally gave us some new guidance, which was – big surprise- pretty much the same as the old guidance.  As we are accustomed, this is a fluid situation and will be modified as new guidance comes out.  For our business, the biggest take-aways are as follows (or skip to the summary below): 

  • Expect more guidance around May 29 or likely a few weeks later (why would they issue it timely?) when the state further lifts more restrictions
  • One big departure is the separation of outdoor activities.  It looks like for outdoor group exercise classes, masks will not have to be worn so long as 6 feet of space can be maintained (how do we arrive at this- non-contact group exercise is classified as low risk, and low risk sports outside do not require masks so long as current social distancing guidelines are followed, which now is 6 foot spacing).  Nor will masks need to be worn for outdoor tennis. 
  • For the gym/fitness inside- same regulations as before- masks must be worn unless playing singles tennis, or, alone in a room..  there continues to be an exception in the guidance for exercise that is 14 feet or more away from another participant, but as usual, there are different regulations Health Clubs must follow- found here– which state that people must wear masks at all times in a Health Club.  So which is is?  Can people drop masks if they are 14 feet away doing exercise?  Apparently they can, so long as they are not in a Health Club… So until that is changed, masks should remain up at all times in the gym.  
  • Swimming pool- there are yet another set of regulations dealing with swimming pools- but here is some good news- no masks are required when outside at the pool, so long as you remain cognizant of the social distancing guidelines in place, which means you don’t have to wear a mask if you keep 6 feet away from non-family members.   We will not be requiring masks on the pool deck, but, if you go inside to the bathroom or cannot maintain 6 feet of space, please put your mask up.  
  • Locker Rooms- we can once again use locker rooms for showers/changing.  The showers in the main clubhouse will open again Monday, May 17, but you can now use locker rooms for changing.  Masks should be worn at all times in the locker rooms except when showering.  Please maintain 6 feet from other customers, or wait to enter the locker room if you cannot maintain that distance. 
  • Camp- we have a whole different set of regulations for summer camps.  

SummaryLocker rooms open, masks required inside club and gym (except for singles tennis), no masks for outside activities including pool, pool area, exercise classes, tennis, etc.  


Updated 4/30/21

We are essentially in a holding pattern until the Executive Office of Energy releases further sport specific guidance.  We would anticipate some additional guidance soon- although they are usually behind the Governor’s announcements by a week or so.   Otherwise, the relaxation of occupancy rules does not impact us greatly since we have such a high occupancy capacity to begin with.  As we have posted, the Club continues to provide air quality upgrades using ThinkLite Air Technology, as well as electrostatic spraying nightly.  All eligible staff is required to be vaccinated, and all new hires are required to be vaccinated as well.  We look forward to the full opening of locker rooms soon, as well as more relaxed mask guidelines in our facility while engaging in activity.  We continue to ask everyone to respect the rules that are in place that we must follow.  We would also anticipate removing the thermometers in the main club in the near future.  


Updated 2/26/21

Governor Baker announced yesterday that we will be stepping forward again to Phase 3, Step 2.  Once again, from a numbers point of view, this will not really impact us.  He also announced that we will be moving to Phase 4, in late March.  What definitely WILL impact us will be whatever new guidance the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.   If you note, that the EOEEA actually quietly updated their guidance on February 8, you can see that here.   Their update on Feb 8 was subtle and did not require us to provide a material update, but you can notice that in that guidance they suggest that participants in sportcan drop their mask to take frequent breaks when not in proximity to others.  What does that mean? I would presume it means if you are 14 feet away you can drop your mask… but really it doesn’t materially alter our policy right now.  What will alter it is when the EOEEA reacts to yesterday’s news from the Governor.  It is possible that today, Friday, around noon when nobody is looking, the EOEEA will publish new guidance to start Monday.  This has been their pattern, Baker announces a major change, and instead of announcing their change at the same time, they make the change on Friday afternoon when nobody from a local Board of Health is around to help interpret the guidance.  We shall see!  Of course we will update here as needed. I would anticipate that in the next few weeks, we will likely roll back mask requirements on low risk sports, such as tennis, and explicitly allow for masks to be dropped when you are more than 14 feet away from someone in the gym.  As a community at this Club, I feel that 99% of the members do their best to comply with the rules and are very conscientious.  We will announce and abide by whatever rules are set forth for us, as they change.  Ultimately our members have been fantastic and courteous, not only to our staff but to other members.  Everyone has a different level of comfort,  and for the most part, our members are understanding and polite in regard to maintaining distance, wearing masks, and abiding by the rules- and we thank you!   


Update 1/24/21

We are no longer required to close at 9:30pm.  The Fitness center and tennis courts have resumed normal operating hours, and the pool will continue to close at 9:30pm M-Th nights.  We continue to ask members to be patient and please wear masks when working out at all times.  We will continue to update as more guidance becomes available.  Thanks! 


Update 12/22/20

New guidance from the State– at first glance it has no impact to us.  Our occupancy capacity of the fitness center alone is 300+, and all areas of the Club well over 2000.  At 25% occupancy, we will never approach capacity.


Update 12/12/20

Biggest change- While working out in the gym, you must wear a mask at all times unless alone in a room. 

As anticipated, Friday the EOEEA released its updated guidance for youth and adult amateur sports based on Baker’s new roll back to step 1 of Phase 3.   Bottom line, not many changes for us except for 1: there is no exemption for lowering your mask in fitness any longer even if you are 14 feet away from someone.  Masks should be worn at all times, unless you are alone in a space it appears.  Tennis player rules remain unchanged (no mask required for singles/ball machine/privates/same family).  Occupancy goes from 50% to 40%, which makes no difference to us. Basketball is still allowed as it is considered a high risk sport with intermittent physical contact.  If you want to read the final regs, please see below.  Any bets as to when we get rolled back to Phase 2?

Swimming pool regulations are also updated, although there are no substantial changes for us.

Fitness Center Regulations

It definitely makes it challenging when we need to analyze different sets of rules by different organizations.  Once again, we are doing the best we can to balance safety while still allowing members some ability to participate in recreational activity.  In the next couple of weeks we will be adding even more air safety features which will include individual lights that circulate air and have a self contained HEPA air filter and UV light.


Update 12/8/20

To expand on the early day update below, as anticipated, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs will weigh in on the rule changes.  We can all watch the web site together: .  Notice that there is a new message under recreational sports: 

  • Safety Standards for Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities – Phase III, Step I (Effective 12.13.20) – COMING SOON

So as anticipated, the EEA will at some point weigh in on the standards for Phase 3, Step 1.  The biggest questions- will they require masks for singles tennis?  Will they restrict youth sports that are more contact such as indoor soccer and basketball? All these questions and more will be answered in an incoherent and cryptic fashion as usual…surely to be changed several times in the days following the announcement. We will simply wait and adjust as required.  Summer 2021 can’t come soon enough! We also want to thank all of our members for being accommodating,  following the rules, and helping us stay open!  We have promised full transparency with our operations, and to date, we have had zero incidents of Covid being spread at our facility.  Zero.  From the outset we have said that the Club will do everything we can to be safe, and we fully anticipate positive contact tracing and even possible spread of Covid at some point- statistically that is expected.  But to date, we have had 6 members, about 1 every 7-10 days, report to us that they have tested positive for Covid.  Each time, we have contact traced where appropriate while respecting the privacy of the individual.  We have had no secondary cases of Covid period, since we took over on October 1st, and moreover since the Club reopened back in June.   When you consider the sheer number of people that are able to enjoy a recreational activity and stay physically and mentally healthy, I hope we can look back at this and say it was a success.  Interesting notes on the members that have tested positive.  None were symptomatic while at the Club, and none had a fever.  This is critical for us, if you have symptoms, please stay home!  And please continue to practice social distancing while at the Club and remain 6 feet away from people.  


Update 12/8/20

Governor Baker has announced the Commonwealth will be rolling back to Phase 3, Step 1.  We will wait for exact details, but, it will likely change things very little for us at the Club.  Our occupancy load is very large, and even n normal times, we nowhere near approach out 40% limit.  It appears masks must now be worn at all time in the Gym, regardless of spacing, unless you are alone in a room/studio.  For tennis, we will wait and see if singles players need to now wear masks again.  We will keep everyone posted.  


Update 11/12/20

Tennis players must have been heard.  See the new guidance from the EEA. Summary- if you are playing a low risk sport (tennis) and can maintain 14 feet of distance (singles, private lesson, ball machine), you do not need to wear a mask. This is clearly what we expected (see 11-6 update below).   Our new rules for WTSC tennis play will reflect this change.  No mask required for singles players, ball machine use, or for a private lesson (or semi-private depending on spacing).  In addition, logic would follow that a tennis court occupied by members of the same family would also be exempt from the mask requirement.  All other types of play should wear masks on the court (doubles, clinics with more than 2 participants, groups).   Members are certainly welcome to wear masks while playing singles which is reinforced by recent CDC guidance that wearing a mask also protects the wearer (doesn’t seem like rocket science).  We would also suggest, as we have before, that lowering your mask during doubles or a clinic to catch your breath is perfectly acceptable so long as you are 14 feet away from other non-family members at the time.  It is truly a shame that the people writing the rules don’t take the time to discuss the issues with those that deal with it day to day, and rules are released in haphazard fashion which results in obvious inconsistencies and multiple revisions.  


Update 11/9/20

After speaking with the local board of health, we have determined that our guidance below is correct, masks should be worn while playing tennis except as with other sports, they may be lowered periodically to catch your breath as needed when not near another player.  Fitness center rules are still as they were for the past few months.   Also, Tennis Players will be allowed to remain on the courts until 10pm.  In other words, players may finish matches, lessons, etc., to 10pm, but, at 930 we will no longer allow new matches or members to enter the Club.  


Update 11/7/20

Reminder with the new guidance, it reinforces the fact that locker rooms (except for pool locker rooms) should not be used for changing clothes, people may use the bathrooms in the locker rooms, but should not be changing or showering.  I’ve spoken to many members as well as the Board of Central Mass Tennis Association.  The message I’ll continue to convey is this:  the Club isn’t making any judgment on the effectiveness nor the logic behind the mandates, we are just trying to comply with mandates in order to stay open.  As a necessary result, we are also trying to be as safe as possible to prevent the spread of the virus at our facility.  We are installing 5 more ThinkLite Air Scrubbers this week, to be in addition to the Thinklite 4 Air Scrubbers, 1 Air Healer, 2 AirPHX, and UV lights in our ductwork.  As you know, we are electrostatic spraying all surfaces each night (most places do not even own an electrostatic sprayer, we have two). If wearing masks is the key that allows us not to experience a closure this winter, then it is what we will do.  We would greatly appreciate the cooperation of all members and guests to the Club.  Whatever your feeling is about wearing a mask, we would not ask you to put our staff in a position to have to argue with anyone or debate the mandate.  If you disagree with the mandate, you may provide feedback here:  comments-about-youth-and-adult-amateur-sports-guidance.  As many of you know, my partners and I took back the Club out of Boston Sports Club’s bankruptcy just over 30 days ago.  We saw what happened last winter and the amount of health clubs that have closed, and want to continue to be a resource for many years (the Club has nearly been in business for 50 years now).  So your cooperation and understanding in trying to navigate these tough areas is appreciated. 


Update 11/6/20

As contemplated below, the Office for Energy and Environmental Affairs, on Friday morning quietly released updated guidance that impacts mask wearing at the Club.   From my reading of it, all tennis players need to wear masks.  That really is the biggest takeaway from the update.  If you want your head to hurt, you can read it for yourself here:  New Mask Guidelines.  Basically it changes nothing for swimming, nor anything for the general Club policies.  This guideline applies to Adults as well for tennis, unless you have a medical condition.  For Fitness, the new guidance “punts” and says refer to the old “sector Specific Guidelines.”  So same old deal in fitness; wear masks unless you are more than 14 feet away from someone.     In trying to understand this, in the Gym, you can be 14 feet away and not wear a mask, but on a tennis court playing singles, you are generally 80 feet away from someone and you have to wear a mask?  I’m guessing more guidance will come out, and we can refine our policy to perhaps allow for no masks during singles at least… (LOL) but for now, this is what we get.  Nice of them to release guidelines on a Friday afternoon to go into effect Saturday.  Justin


Update 11/3/20

Please read below for additional information.  On 11-2, Governor Baker announced further executive orders.  Our immediate response is that we will wait for additional guidance, however, from what we understand, there are minimal changes to our operation.  The most notable change is that we will close at 930pm (because playing tennis and swimming after 930pm appears more dangerous than before 930pm to Gov. Baker) starting next week.   We are NOT subject to additional restrictions of the mask mandate issued yesterday; because health clubs, including gyms, pools, tennis and sports for non-professional adults and youth, are already governed by “Sector Specific Guidance from the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs,” we are not the subject of his new executive order.  For those struggling to make sense, like I was while reading and re-reading the circular guidance, it appears the mask order is made to create rules for activities not already covered in the Phase 1, 2, and 3 of the re-opening rules.  In other words, we already have a whole ton of rules to follow, so this rule is for other people who don’t have rules yet.  If that makes sense.  Again, everyone is encouraged to wear a mask at all times, but, we are still under the phase specific rules discussed in more detail below.  Thanks!


Update 10/22/20

Dear Members,

Westboro Tennis and Swim Club practices strict compliance with Governor Baker’s executive orders in regard to health clubs.  Currently we are operating under Phase 3, which allows for either 40% or 50% capacity depending on your community risk.  Either way, our Club space encompasses well over 100,000 square feet of indoor areas and we would never reach close to a 40% capacity by code. 
Here are some of the changes: Temperatures should be taken upon arrival, and all members should represent that they are not ill, under a quarantine order, or been exposed to anyone with Covid in the last 7 days.  Masks must be worn at all times, except while swimming or playing tennis.  While masks are not required for tennis, we do suggest that masks are worn especially if you are a person at risk for Covid complications.   Showers in the main clubhouse are closed, showers in the pool are open for rinsing off prior to swimming.  Please do not use locker rooms for changing. 
For fitness, masks are required to be worn based on phase specific guidance unless you are 14 feet or more away from another person, and 6 feet of space should be maintained between people working out. 
Here is the reality:  Over the indoor season, we are bound to have situations where someone tests positive for Covid after visiting the Club.  We will make best efforts to contact trace participants in the same proximity during the visit.  We are in constant contact with the local health departments, and will follow their guidance as to how and when we should notify members in the event of a positive test.  We ask all members to be responsible- if you have potentially been exposed to someone with Covid- stay away until you are tested or are cleared by a doctor.  If we are to make it through this as a business, we need everyone to be responsible and do their part.  
What we are doing:  
  • Partnership with ThinkLite Air to provide the safest air quality possible that is constantly monitored, cleaned and scrubbed of particles. 
  • Addition of AirPHX to the fitness center and courts 1-3. 
  • Electrostatic Spraying- we just purchased an electrostatic sprayer for the Club and will spray all high contact surfaces- including tennis balls- nightly, with a product certified to kill viruses as well as provide residual sanitization between sprays. 
  • Air circulation- Our air support structures turn over the air every 20-30 minutes with outside air constantly being injected. Our main tennis courts 1-3 and fitness center use direct fired heat with zero air recirculation during heating season, 100% outside air is injected during heating cycles.  For the main building lobby, we have installed Ultraviolet Lights (‘UVC’) lights into the duct work that cleans the air as it circulates.  The pool has a UV Sterilization system installed as well, so in addition to the chlorinated water, all filtered water passes through a UV chamber.  Please read more in regard to our ThinkLite Air and AirPHX products and their placement throughout the Club property. 

Our main goal is to provide the safest possible environment for recreation.  Nothing can be 100% certain to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in public spaces, but we are making substantial investments in all areas of the Club to provide the absolute safest environment possible with documented, cutting edge, technology.  We hope that if we all do our part, we can remain open through the winter. 

Justin Lundberg

Westboro Tennis & Swim Club is located in Central Massachusetts, convenient to surrounding towns such as Northborough, Southborough, Hopkinton, Ashland, Marlborough, Grafton, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Framingham, Holliston, and all other Central Massachusetts and Metro West communities.
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