ThinkLite Air


ThinkLite Air is cutting edge technology that provides a comprehensive system of protection for both air and surfaces to provide the safest possible environment for our members.  ThinkLite Air has multiple elements and you will notice them in different locations throughout the facility, as well as air monitoring elements that constantly sample the air and update us in real time as to the indoor air quality.  The week of November 11, we added 5 more Thinklite Air Scrubbers.  In December we have added another ThinkLite Icon Air Healer to the fitness center. 

  1. STAT Air Scrubber: Cleans the air by causing airborne particles to clump and fall harmlessly to the ground. 
  2. ThinkLite Icon Air Healer: Uses FS-ACT technology to clean the air. HEPA filter as well as UV sterilization chamber to filter and clean air continuously. 
  3. ThinkLite Flair Indoor Air Quality Monitor:  Monitors the effectiveness of our indoor air solutions. 
  4. ThinkLite PuriLux Vent Lighting Fixtures: Continuously circulating air through drop in light panels combined with HEPA filtration and UV Sterilization. 

Remember, in addition to these solutions, nightly we use electrostatic spraying to disinfect all surfaces!  

Where can you find these elements? 

  • Fitness Center:  STAT Air Scrubbers and Monitor, as well as the airPHX system
    • We placed 1 ThinkLite Air Scrubber in the main gym, one in the aerobic studio, and one in the mezzanine training studio. 
    • 1 Icon Air Healer by the Cardio area
    • 1 AirPHX machine in the free weight area. 
  • Main Lobby:  Two STAT Air Scrubbers and Monitor
  • Courts 1-3:  airPHX system and Monitor
  • Courts 6-7:  Icon Air Healer and Monitor, as well as STAT air scrubber in the lobby. 
  • Kids Club building:  2 STAT Air Scrubbers and Monitor
  • We have placed ThinkLite Purilux in areas all around the Club with suspended ceiling tiles.  

Additionally we have added UVC lights to the main ventilation system in the clubhouse and change the air filters monthly.  



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