Children’s Swim Lessons Offered at WTSC


Westboro Tennis and Swim Club offers swim lessons for children according to the American Red Cross standard of swim lesson progression.  Namely, swim lessons progress in a fashion from Level 1 to Level 5.  We also strive to keep our instructor-to-student ratio low in order to provide personalized instruction even in a group setting.  With this in mind, your child will be part of a group however unless you opt for private lessons.  Some children benefit more from private lessons than group lessons.

  • Pre- Summer Lessons are from 6/7-6/17

    • Member Only Registration: 5/17 (swim memberships only)

  • Summer Morning Lessons (M, W, F) are from 6/28-8/19

    • Member Registration: 5/17 (swim memberships only)

  • Saturday Lessons: 6/5-7/3 and 7/10-8/7
    • Session 1 Member Registration: 5/17  | Session 2 Member Registration: 6/28  (swim memberships only)

NEW Swim Classes Added!!!

Below are the levels and descriptions of the ability needed to participate in each level.  Keep in mind a couple of things.  We believe it is very important that children not only take skill-level-appropriate classes but also age-appropriate classes.  If you have a child that is not familiar with the water and is a bit older, please contact us and consider some private lessons in order to get your child to a point where he may take lessons with his peer group and not children years younger.  Additionally, each level may actually comprise a wide range of skills.  We do our best to group like swimmers even within each level but it may not always be possible to have a homogeneous group of children even within each level.

At the conclusion of your child’s session, he will receive a written progress report and recommendation as to whether he should remain in the current level or move up to the next level.  We emphasize that this should not be looked at as a pass/fail, but simply communication with the parent as to what skills your child needs to continue to develop if he is to keep taking lessons.  Many children reach a certain level of swim, such as level 4, and choose to move on to our swim team programs in order to reach a more competitive and rewarding outlet for their aquatics skills, while others feel the time commitment is too great and simply progress in swim lessons.

Level 1 Introduction to Water Skills

Purpose: Helps students become comfortable in the water.

Pre-Requisites: Must be able to swim without their parents (and be able to separate from them) and have a buoyancy with a flotation device unsupported for a few moments. Usually, children are around 3-4 years old.

Goals: Must use a flotation device to exit/enter the water safely, swim on back and front using arm and leg actions with assistance, put chin in water and blow bubbles, float on front and back with assistance, follow basic water safety rule. The overall goal is to get the child comfortable paddling around with flotation, getting their face wet, and floating.

Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Purpose: Gives Students success with fundamental skills.

Pre-Requisite: Comfortable in the water independently paddling around with a flotation device for short distances, able to submerge face in the water and blow bubbles, able to enter the water by stepping or jumping from side. Usually, children are 3-5 years old.

Goals: Bob up and down; learn how to swim using a noodle & bubble properly; float on front and back; roll over from front to back and back to front; move in water using arm and leg motions; pickup submerged objects; knowledge of basic water safety. The overall goal is to require less dependency on flotation aids and be able to do skills without flotation aid to progress to level 3.

Level 3 Stroke Development

  • Purpose: Builds on skills in Level 2 through additional guided practice.
  • Pre-requisite: Must be able to swim a short distance without flotation devices, as well as jump & swim to the side without assistance.


  • Level 3 Low:  Swimmers know motions, coordination is poor, endurance only for 10 yards of swimming.
  • Level 3 Mid: Stroke coordination is improved, kicks are generally correct, needs refinement and endurance.
  • Level 3 High: Strokes are nearly perfect, the goal is to be able to swim 25 yards of each stroke.

Level 4 Stroke Improvement

Purpose: Develops confidence in all major strokes.

Pre-Requisite: 25 yards of front crawl, back crawl, butterfly and breaststroke kick, shallow dive, sculling.

 Goals: Introduction of coordination for butterfly and breaststroke, sidestroke, streamlining, flip turns, diving from standing position or off blocks, treading water for 1 minute.

Level 5 Stroke Refinement

Purpose: To continue to improve distance swimming and learn the swimming terminology to be successful in Raiders Prep.

Pre-Requisite: Must have passed level 4 or completed a swim evaluation.

Goals: To be able to swim between 100-200 yards of front crawl, backstroke & breaststroke while maintaining good stroke technique. To dive from the block and be able to do open and closed turns.

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